Good metal is the one without corrosion – find out more at our conference

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The topic in the title of this section is „Good metal is the one without corrosion”. Since we are going to talk about corrosion, we will discuss what makes things good or not.

We need to beware that corrosion is a very common problem in all engineering and technology fields. So, we must be careful before investing our money into something like steel from China or aluminum from Korea. We should also avoid investing in products with poor quality materials, poor manufacturing processes and poor quality control systems.

The new technology will help us to find out the best possible among all these options and make decisions at the time of purchase. Let’s take a look at how an algorithm can help us with this task:-

In the end, when we are working on something like a bag, we have to consider not just the quality of its materials but also the performance it can provide. We need to take into account that a bag is only as good as its material. Whether it is a durable leather or an expensive fabric made from high-quality wool, each one has its own qualities and each one needs to be optimal for a given purpose.

Every year in Poland there are more than 200 million tonnes of garbage generated in our country. Due to this huge amount of garbage proved very difficult for the first generation of plastic recycling machines which was built during the 1980s and 1990s by using virgin plastic. Today, most of this waste ends up in landfills where these machines began functioning.

The subject of corrosion is very important in our industry. Many research studies have been performed by various companies on the topic, but no comprehensive study has been published so far.

Corrosion is a process which can be controlled by chemical means to prevent its occurrence. So what is the problem and why does it occur? The cause is usually not understood clearly, which makes it difficult for companies to develop solutions for the prevention of corrosion.

In this talk I will cover some of the main issues causing corrosion, show possible solutions and present some examples from my own company with their own products (see sidebar). In this talk I will also focus on potential applications of corrosion control measures by chemical means in different industries.

A few years ago, it was difficult to find a notebook with good steel. However, now we can buy notebooks with high quality steel. How do we know that the notebook is made from good steel if the only thing detectable is its weight?

In the world, there are so many materials that can be used to build a structure. They can be designed to work in different ways and come up with different designs. However, not all materials are good and some of them are bad or even corrosive.

In this session, we will discuss about corrosion in engineering materials. What is corrosion? How does it take place? What factors affect corrosion? All these questions can be answered by explaining the meaning of corrosion in words and describing its behavior.

1. How do you create the perfect metal – feel free to ask a question

2. How does the composition of correct metal affect its corrosion resistance?

Best Metal is One Without Corrosion

The composition of a metal, called the atomic structure, affects its corrosion resistance. The most common corrosion test covers three layers: water, air and steel. No matter what type of metal it is, there are certain materials that don’t corrode or show any resistance at all to water and air while they corrode with steel easily because they lack an atomic structure that makes it rust easily under high temperatures. Building on the fundamentals-the fundamentals in corporate communications – learn more at our conference  #   # ## section title: Building on the fundamentals-the fundamentals in corporate communications

We are seeing a shift in global metal market. The demand for metals is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.8% by 2023

It implies that very few metals can be used in new and innovative applications, which makes it an important requirement for the industry to stay competitive. Current technologies and industrial processes are not able to meet the increasing demand for materials with higher corrosion resistance.

The conference aims at showcasing best practices and innovations in corrosion resistant technologies as well as their application on metal components and products from the industrial, academic and research communities worldwide. IEC World Conference on Metallic Materials will bring together world-renowned researchers from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America for productive discussions about this new field of materials science.

Most of our daily tasks can be fulfilled by machines. However, not all machines are perfect, and they can develop and become dangerous if they are allowed to do their jobs without the proper supervision. This is why we need to use robots in order to avert possible accidents.

There was a time when robots were extremely expensive and weren’t possible for a majority of people because of their complexity and many moving parts. Today, robots are extremely cheap, highly sophisticated in every sense imaginable but still requires careful direction in order to work properly.